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Who is paying for this PD&E Study?

This Study is funded by federal funds.

Who is benefiting from this project?

The Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization, in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation, recognized the need to provide additional transportation infrastructure within the Glades Road corridor, and therefore prioritized and programmed this Study. If additional roadway, bicycle/pedestrian, and/or transit improvements are provided within this corridor, it is expected that roadway and transit users, adjacent residential areas, businesses, schools, institutions and the general public will benefit.

What are special use lanes and who can use them?

Special use lanes are designated lanes primarily reserved for High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV), Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or a combination of these options.

Can Fire/Emergency vehicles use special use lanes?

Yes. In fact, Fire/Emergency vehicles will need to use these lanes in the event that they are responding to an accident or incident on the special use lanes.

Is this PD&E Study related to the construction at Glades Road and I-95, and what is the current construction at Glades Road and I-95 accomplishing?

The Glades Road PD&E Study is separate from the current construction on Glades Road and I-95. The current construction along Glades Road from I-95 to NW 7th Avenue is a Florida Department of Transportation Resurfacing Project, which is adding sidewalk on the north side of the bridge on Glades Road. Bike lanes are also being added on the north and south sides of Glades Road where there are gaps. Construction is expected to be finished by the end of Summer 2012. For additional questions on this construction project, you may contact Florida Department of Transportation Project Manager, Fausto Gomez, at 954-777-4466.

What are other projects on or around Glades Road?

The following map shows recently completed or current projets along Glades Road between SR 7/US 441 and SR5/US 1. For additional information on each project, please contact the FDOT Project manager fore each project shown on the map. Click on the map to see the full size version.

What is the status of a future Palmetto Park Road entrance on the Florida's Turnpike?

A future Florida’s Turnpike interchange at Palmetto Park Road is shown on the Cost Feasible Map of the Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization’s 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan. However, there are no current projects or studies to provide for a future Turnpike/Palmetto Park Road interchange. You may contact the Florida’s Turnpike for additional information.

Why not consider connecting/expanding other roadways besides Glades Road? Who can we contact about this?

Consideration has been given to other roadways in the County.  Every five years, the Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) updates their Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and evaluates the future needs of all county- and state-owned transportation facilities in Palm Beach County.  This project is one component of that plan.  To discuss other potential roadway projects, please contact the Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization.

What is the timeline for this project?

This PD&E Study is expected to be completed by Spring 2014. There are no funds programmed to construct the project, therefore there is no anticipated schedule for construction. For more information, click here for the Project Schedule.

Will there be overpasses at all the intersections? Are overpasses (grade-separation) an option? How will a vehicle in a special use lane get through all the intersections?

Intersection details are currently under development and will be provided during the next Public Workshop scheduled for the Fall of 2012.  A variety of options will be considered during this PD&E study to evaluate how a car/bus in the special use lanes will get through the intersections. One option is to provide an overpass or grade-separated option at intersections. Other possibilities exist and have been implemented in other parts of the country.  

Will the future Spanish River Boulevard at I-95 interchange relieve traffic on Glades Road?

The future volume projections for the Glades Road PD&E Study will consider the proposed I-95/Spanish River Boulevard interchange. Any effect from this interchange will be reflected accordingly in the future volumes projected for the Study.

When are the noise readings taken?

This activity is scheduled to occur in the Summer of 2012.

Will signal pre-emption be maintained along Glades Road if a Build Alternative moves forward?

Existing signal pre-emption for emergency vehicles would be maintained if a Build Alternative is built.

If Glades Road is widened in the future, will it eliminate the sidewalk and be build right next to our homes?

Florida Department of Transportation generally provides accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians when a roadway is reconstructed. Since the goal of this project is to enhance transit/bicycle/pedestrian facilities, it will include sidewalks, if a Build Alternative is selected. If any proposed roadway improvements are constructed where sidewalks currently exist on Glades Road, the Build Alternative improvements will still include sidewalks along the corridor. Before any FDOT project on Glades Road goes to Construction, the public will be notified of the proposed improvements and be given opportunities to comment on the design.



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